Wedding Pricing

I have what is to be considered unconventional pricing in the world of Professional Photography.  Before looking at the prices below, please read the following.

As a photographer and artist, I choose to do things in a slightly different way.  My goal with every session is to tell a story.  It is also my goal to put a tangible item in the hands of my clients, a finished piece of artwork.  I have always been a fan of art books.  Whether it is a book on photography, paintings, or sculpture I love flipping through the pages and taking it all in!

To commission me as an artist for your wedding or engagement session there are two different ways to do it.  The first way is to pre-purchase a book or album.  There are no additional sitting fees to this method.  The retouched digital files are included upon the delivery of the final design of the book, while professional and custom prints are always available through your online gallery.

Once you have decided upon your book or album we will then discuss how to tell your story.  We can consult in person or on the phone.  The time limits are only set by how long it will take to tell your story.  Some books have as little as 30 pages while others are up to 300!  I do not set time limits based on a flat fee, I base them on whether or not I have the full story.

The second way is to commission me to shoot your wedding story without a book purchase.  This fee is just a sitting fee for the day of your wedding.  No products are included and you may purchase any product after you see your images.  We will schedule a day for you to come in after your wedding and you will get to see the final product before anyone else.

Here is the breakdown of Wedding Photography Pricing


(up to 300 pages)

Large $7000.00

Medium $6500.00

Small $6000.00

Petit $5500.00


(up to 300 pages)

Large $6000.00

Medium $5500.00

Small $5000.00

Petit $4500.00


(up to 300 pages)

Large $4500.00

Medium $4000.00

Small $3500.00

Petit $3000.00

Each of these albums are hand made with the finest materials.

Standard Wedding Photography Sitting Fee


All prints, albums and digital files sold separately.  This fee cannot be booked more than 120 days before your wedding date.

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