The Playground

This is my studio.  I have several different sets and props which I use for nearly every session I shoot here.  The studio is located in an industrial area in Ventura, California, and in all honesty it can look a little shady from the outside.  But once you are inside you will see the records on the wall, a row of bookshelves filled with books and props, guitars from my personal collection hanging from the walls and much much more!

I call it my playground because it is a part of who I am and how I like to shoot, plus when I’m here, it’s play-time!  I have my pets running around here quite often and even bring my bird to work too!  Of course, if you have an allergy or just aren’t comfortable with them being there they do have their own playground next door!

These are some of the things you get when you come to my playground….

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I have a variety of sets and several locations very close by to the studio so with each and every session there are numerous looks and locations available!