“His average is other people’s awesome” -R.Mulligan

Being who you are is often the hardest part of being an artist of any kind.  I have been a musician and photographer for most of my life, the most difficult part has always been trying to stay original in what I do.  When playing music with some of the bands I have been in, there has always been the argument of playing cover songs instead of original music.  Some of the members want to play covers to build a following while I have always wanted to play original music, or if you’re going to play a song by someone else at least make it your own.

As a photographer I am always trying to execute my own personal vision into a photograph.  Even when I see an image I love in another magazine or book or even a piece of art that inspires me, the one thing I try and do is to make it my own.  I do this with portraits, fashion, art, weddings and everything I shoot.  I do strive for consistency with my work but I also always try to push myself to do something I have never done before or do what I have done before but add to it.  Never settle, never sit back and relax, always seeing what I can do differently.  Even if it is a subtle change, I know I’m trying, and as a photographer, that is what matters to me.

I have been known to say “I am never serious, even if I say to you ‘no I’m serious’ …. probably not.”  This is my way of letting everyone around me know that I like to have fun with life.  I am obsessed with photography, music and quite a few other things including rescuing stray animals.  My obsession with photography started at a very young age and it is something which sticks with me to this day.

It almost feels effortless to do what I love.  I think part of this feeling comes from embracing the enjoyment of my job.  When I work with someone it is not about getting them to do what I want them to do, that is easy, they have obviously chosen to hire me and work with me for a reason!  I try to get them into the creative process and embrace the whole adventure of the shoot!  Photography is about capturing a mood and a moment, this is where it is my job to set the mood, get in the groove and then capture that moment for the rest of time.

Available worldwide, based in Southern California.