About Jim

“His average is other people’s awesome” -R.Mulligan

Being who you are is often the hardest part of being an artist of any kind.  I have been a photographer for most of my life, the most difficult part has always been trying to stay original in what I do.

Pushing my own boundaries is something I love, this is probably why I keep building new spaces in my studio, it gives me something new and different, which is something I have always wanted and honestly live for.  Keep pushing forward, but always remember what you have done.  I could go on and on about my resumé but that is just boring and irrelevant filler.

The question really is, why hire me?  I shoot fashion, glamour, boudoir and lifestyle, and sometimes all of those in one shoot.  So what makes me different from all of the other photographers out there who do the same thing?  I do.  I specialize in creating alluring images and I do believe there is a balance between fashion and artistic imagery.  And if you look closely, you will see the difference in what I shoot versus other photographers.  It’s all about style and mood.

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran model or someone who has never stepped in front of a camera.  If you want images of yourself that will draw the viewer in, demand attention and just make you look as amazing as you truly are…. hire me.  I may not be the right photographer for everyone, but I just might be the right photographer for you.

I am The Average Jim.

Jessica Today for Foam Magazine by The Average Jim




“You represented me exactly how I wanted to be seen!” -Amanda H.

“These are the best photos ever!” -Danielle K.

“You’re the best!!!” -Nicole H.

“You made me feel so comfortable and just made the shoot so easy! I want to do it again!”  -Ari

“Working with you the first time was so fun I had to come back! You were very patient with Lola and I despite her and I being giggly. I also think you helped shaped me up and pointed me in a good direction.”  Roarie