The Fun and The Crazy

I have been going through an old hard drive again, finding shoots from many years ago.  I came across my first shoot with Roarie Yum.  This was a very cool shoot which was the start of our friendship over all of these years.  I could probably (and should probably) make a book of all of our different shoots together.  I honestly don’t know the exact number of times we have shot together.

This is what is so great about meeting people in the industry.  Sure you do meet some crazies along the way, but you also meet some very cool people! Roarie definitely falls under the cool category!

This first shoot was one that was planned to be a fashion shoot with some nudity, but for anyone who has ever worked with her you know she has a hard time keeping clothes on!  My first experience was when we picked out this cool knit dress that was very tight to the skin and really worked well in a studio setting.  Before we take even one test shot she runs across the studio, pulling the dress over her head shouting “I’m naked under my clothes!” We restyle the hair, put the dress back on and got some shots, finally!

I really like working with free spirits.  It sets the bar high for other shoots, but it also inspires me and pushes me to do better every time.  I used to shoot anyone who wanted to shoot, but not anymore.  A model’s look is secondary to their attitude.  There are a ton of good models out there today.  A lot of them only care about the compensation and don’t really care about the concept.  To some of them the concept is secondary or they feel it is up to the photographer to execute it with the same half dozen poses they use for every shoot.

I prefer a great attitude and someone who tries their best.  This is the day of the Instagram model and Instagram photographer, so stats and all the stuff that used to matter is now secondary.  I know models who would never have been models back in the day based on their stats alone!  But they have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and they are making bank!

I saw a quote the other day talking about how companies care more about your social media following rather than your PhD!  And I don’t really think they are that far off in this belief.  Myself, I don’t really care about either.  I just like positive people, cool models who like to create fun and sometimes some quality imagery.  I made the decision long ago that I didn’t really care about fame and fortune.  Life has been really good since then.  I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, I don’t have  PhD, I don’t have a lot of things.  But what I do have is some good friends, some great old stories, and I have a lot of fun!

It is the little things in life which matter most to me.  I value the people I call friends.  I value my time.  I appreciate the fact that I get to live a life of doing what I love.  I have no complaints, okay well a few, that’s just the way I roll on some days.  But overall, it is a decent life and I am one lucky SOB!

These images are some that I found and decided to edit after all of these years.  I may have edited one or two of these before, but I honestly think these may have been outtakes.  Either way, I like them today! 😉