The Blessed Jim

This has been a very good week!  So good that I’ve been slammed with work and haven’t had time to post anything yet!  I’ve done my usual, worked with a past client yesterday.  I had done a boudoir shoot for her years ago and yesterday I got to photograph her wedding!  Yes, I still shoot weddings and I love it!

Some photographers think I am crazy for wanting to shoot weddings, but as I have always said, these are fun days!  Yesterday was no exception!

But to anyone who has had to deal with a bad commercial client, weddings are a blessing!  Everyone is happy, sure some people are stressed, but that’s just emotions running wild, they are still usually good people and once you talk to them they appreciate you.

Wedding clients pay on time!  They are happy to give you money for your services!  No 30 days later waiting on a check from a company who is trying to figure out how to either not pay you and get to keep the images or find a way to lower your rate even if you have a contract with them.  Or just use the images and send you a bad check which gets returned and then you have to wait for the company to go bankrupt and get a settlement once they sell off everything years later.

I know I’m lucky.  I get some great clients!  I don’t have any images ready from yesterday as I just returned home about 8 hours ago and just had enough time to back them up.  But I thought I would change the pace a little and show some of my fun wedding work!  Or at least some images I like!

I will be doing more and more bridal work too, a little out there with some of my ideas, but that is what I am best at!  Of course I’ll be doing more of my art (which I’m creating another site for) and I have a fun shoot coming up this week!  One that I cannot wait to shoot!  It is silly, fun and full of ideas from the mind of The Average Jim!  Yes I just referred to myself in the third person.  This is what artists like The Average Jim do.

I can tell I have not had enough sleep yet, and probably won’t get enough rest today.  But that’s cool, I can sleep later.  I’m too busy having fun and feeling good!  I hope your day is as good as mine has been so far!