What I’m Best At

I actually restrained myself!  I didn’t make a comment on a post on Facebook about another mediocre photographer selling his Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets and teaching you how to make really generic photos!  Do people still buy into this shit?

He’s in his little promo video with his greasy hair and manicured beard with his hand on his chin like the thinking man and we are supposed to suddenly think he knows what he is talking about?  But what do I know right?  If people want to buy it, he will continue to sell it.  It’s just something I think is such a waste of time and money.  Why do you want to be just like this guy?  Don’t you want your own style?  Don’t you want to stand out from the crowd?  It’s like buying a McDonald’s franchise instead of building your own restaurant and making your own menu. Sure, the money is good, but where is the creativity?  As a photographer aren’t you supposed to be a creative?

Maybe if you have a generic studio photographing senior portraits and you want consistency, I can see it then.  But he is targeting all photographers, and many beginners think this is how you just do things.  Well, it isn’t, at least not for all of us.

Personally I keep trying to redefine my own style.  I’ll take old images and re-edit them.  I’ll try new editing techniques that I have never tried before just to see what they will look like.  Some really suck!  But others I fall in love with and I actually create my own actions and then I know exactly how I want to tweak them depending on the image I’m editing.  It is about exploring my own vision and expanding my knowledge of photo editing.

I pursue this as an art, as a craftsman and as someone who has passion for what I do.  So this is probably why I just can’t buy into this whole snake oil salesman routine.  I got into photography to sell prints, to book clients and to create art.  I don’t want to create a product to sell to other photographers while calling myself a photographer.  You are a software designer and pretending to be a photographer to sell to photographers.  This (at least to me) is fraud.  Maybe the guy is a photographer, but from my own personal knowledge of being a full time working photographer, you cannot run a software company and be shooting full time.  The time and energy it takes to make six figures as a photographer is insane and there is little time left to design software and make a video and sell it to all of your followers.

If you want to be a photographer, then be one.  Don’t buy into an easier way to do things, the easiest way is to just do it and learn!  Digital photography has made it so much easier than back in my day of learning with film and wasting money on processing and buying new rolls of film!  Nothing like buying film, paying for processing and then realizing you fucked it all up!  But that’s how many of us learned.  Today’s methods are far more cost effective!

But I’m proud of myself, I didn’t go onto his post and say how I thought he was selling garbage to idiots.  I just moved along and read another post about how a model was soliciting work and she didn’t like the response of the arrogant photographer.  Well, it looks like I’m back in the game, time to start ruffling some feathers again and just being me.  After all, this is what I’m best at. 😉