Turning Point

I had a great conversation with a new friend last night.  She and I were discussing the photography industry and the issues I’ve had with it.  It seems my timing of coming back into this world could not be any better!

I have a good number of models to work with, I’ve been making better connections than I have in the past and I have completely turned off my censor, well what there was remaining of it anyway.  There is a good amount of freedom that comes with not caring what others think of you.

This is definitely a turning point in my career, I talk about it a lot, probably because I didn’t think I’d be here at this point in my life.  But here I am, still taking photos, still living the dream, or nightmare, flip a coin.

The coolest part of my new adventures is, well, the new adventures!  I’m actually making clothing, making new t-shirts to sell, I’m turning this into a mini factory of my own madness!  I’m also into building sets again.  I have this killer idea but I have to wait for it to get hot again in the desert, I need heat, bright sun and that hazy dusty desert light to make it look the way I want it to look!  Bring on the apocalypse! Or just a dust storm that kind of looks like that.

I have also been digging through The Archives and pulling out new images to edit.  This is what I do instead of testing these days.  It used to be that I’d get a model and test the look and then get my main model to shoot the editorial or art piece or whatever.  Now I just find lighting conditions that I really like and re-edit them to give them the look I want.  So now when I shoot someone new I don’t have to test, I can just photograph them a certain way and I already know how I want the final image to look!  It is amazing what a little planning can do!

Next week hopes to be the beginning of some more new shoots and I’ll be setting up as many as possible over the coming months.  Sometimes less is more, but right now, more is more!  Except for wardrobe, I always tend to use less.

Anyway, the images posted here today are from a shoot I did years ago, Carle was one of my favorite “go to” models.  We had some really good shoots together!  These images are part of the very last set I ever shot with her.  I’m digging them, I hope you do to!