First World Problems

I really want to expand my horizons.  I want to push my own boundaries and I want to simply have fun every single day.  But with wanting to expand this also means needing to work harder.  These damn catch 22’s are starting to get irritating.

Now that I really have no desire to work in the commercial photography world again it has become easier to explore my creative side without caring at all about what others think.  But the oddest thing about this, is that I keep getting contacted to work for people.  Funny how when you don’t care that seems to be when you get the work.

But I do still have bills to pay so I guess it isn’t a bad thing to be offered money to do what I love.  These damn first world problems are a real kick in the ass.

Today is Friday, it is nice out, sunny, I’m starring at the pool with the half deflated giant rubber ducky floating in it just wondering why I am inside?  Oh yeah, I wanted to post something on the blog today, can’t really remember where I was going with this post, a bit distracted by the nice weather I guess.  I’m sure it will come to me and then I’ll write another post!  Or I’ll completely forget and just simply move on.

Life is good when you can enjoy the little things like this.  No worries, no stress, just like when I lived at the beach but my rent is much better now!  But here are some images I’ve gone through from The Archives and played with again.  I may need to find a beach to start shooting at again, these images bring back too many fun memories!

Off to do something fun in the sun!  Hope your Friday is just as good to you! 😉