I used to have too much to say.  Lately I have had nothing to say.  Now I just say fuck it.

This industry is in the shitter.  I really mean that.  This industry is about to implode and I can’t say that I’m not happy about it.  Here is my 2 cents for what it is worth.

Between all of the accusations in the film industry of all of these producers making female actors do all sorts of crazy things to get parts, sexual misconduct, sexual assault and more it just reminds me of one thing.  It happens in this industry too!  And a lot!

There was a guy who I still think shoots for many major companies who said “the level of professionalism is different with photography, what do you think is going to happen when you show up to someone’s house to pose in your underwear or less?”  Seriously, this guy is a glamour photographer who gets a ton of work and treats women like this.

There is another guy in LA (I honestly don’t know his name otherwise I’d out him) but I’ve heard this story from several models.  He shoots for many magazines and clothing companies and when models are traveling he offers them a guest room.  Nothing strange there, my wife and I do this all of the time.  But here is where it is different.  He points to the guest room and then he says “this is my room.”  He then says (while pointing to the guest room) “If you want good photos you stay in there.  He then points to his room and says, “If you want great photos you stay in there.”  What the fuck?

Yeah, so this shit happens and I honestly can’t wait until the shit hits the fan!  I’m no white knight but damn, I do not have this kind of shit in my closet.  I am happy to say that with all of the crap I have done in my life I at least have never talked to a model or client in this manner and I have nothing to worry about coming back and biting me in the ass!  I’m not perfect, but I am definitely not a sexual predator.  Sorry (not sorry) I’m too busy concentrating on creating the images I make instead!

Okay, rant somewhat over… maybe.

Basically this industry has always been filled with guys who just want to see girls naked and some will try almost anything to sleep with them.  But guess what fellas, times are changing and the cream will rise to the top while the bottom feeders will be left on the bottom.

We will be seeing more female photographers, which is great because there are some amazing women out there taking amazing photos!  And we will be seeing less and less of the “boys club.”  Which I am happy about because I have been kicked out of many of them because I don’t play the stupid game of “oh she is hot, send me her naked photos.”

Love me or hate me, I don’t care, but in the end, at least I’m not some degenerate who preys on women to get my jollies.

On another note, today’s photos are of Mac.  An old friend who used to stay at our place, run around naked, pose for the camera and we would just have lots of fun together.  These were fun times and this is one of my favorite shoots I ever had with her.  I know I’ve posted these before, but so what, I like them. 😉