Just Bring It

There are many things I love to photography.  But probably the number one thing is people.  For whatever reason, women have been atop that list for quite some time.  Maybe it is because they are a more willing subject?  Perhaps it is simply because they truly are a more willing subject.

I’ve tried photographing male models, they usually flake and just don’t show up.  I’ve worked with a lot of men as grooms, they are usually pretty good about posing for the camera on a wedding day or bridal shoot, but outside of that, usually not.

Boudoir sessions are something that I started doing over 20 years ago.  Yes I’m showing my age, but who cares at this point.  I was in college and photographing my classmate’s girlfriends and working with models at the same time.  This is where it all began.

I stepped away from a lot of work over the past couple of years, but I feel like I am back and working even harder at what it is I do.  There are so many photographers out there today that standing out from the crowd becomes harder and harder to do.  Honestly, there is one big difference from myself to other photographers.  I know what my style is.  I can deliver what I do on a daily basis and I love the artistic side of it.  It really is that simple.

While others may try to follow trends, I don’t.  I do what I like and I push boundaries where others tend to fall short.  Am I arrogant?  Maybe.  But this confidence in my own ability is what has kept me going for so long.  I know what I can do, and I continue to push myself to be better every single day.

I love looking at Instagram or whatever and seeing styles that I was shooting 2 (or even 5) years ago as the newest thing.  They can have it, I’ve already done it.  I’m on to my next venture and pushing forward.  And I’m not trying to sound like an ass here, but seriously, I shot instant film before it became a popular trend, I shot boudoir before anyone knew what it was.  And I shot editorials 4 years ago the way magazines are asking for them now.  I’m not conceited, I just know my shit, as did the magazines who published me.

This is the new era of The Average Jim.  Buckle up, I’m not holding back anything ever again.  Fuck yeah.