Time To Play

Giving a fuck is not one of my strongest qualities.  I can be honest.  For some reason in this wonderful industry of photography people think they are supposed to play nice when someone who may have better connections than themselves treats them like shit.  Personally, I don’t play that game.

Last year I felt as though I was treated very unfairly by a certain organization and it’s main person.  This year when I was asked to help out again I said no.  It was an easy decision.  If you’re going to treat me poorly, I won’t help out again and I’ll be sure to let you know why.

But, if I’m going to be honest with myself, this doesn’t really matter at all.  I have new projects and am working on my own new career as a photographer, artist and musician.  This is where my focus in coming into play.  I want to push my playground to it’s limits.

This week was the beginning of the new beginning I have been trying to get started for some time now!  I’ve had three shoots this week, well, two but two models in one and one in another with some solo stuff in there as well.  I have more shoots coming up too.

My goal is to create art every single day.  You won’t see it all because I know some will be bad.  But the idea is to create.  I’m taking fewer gigs, focusing on what I love the most.  I’ve made changes in my personal life to allow me to take on less work, and this freedom is amazing!  I am no longer chasing down money from clients I don’t like.  Only from ones I do like.

There are still many things I wish to accomplish in this career of mine and there is no time like the present to get started on all of them!  I still have The Archives, I still have my Collector’s Circle and I will be selling more and more art as time goes by.  I’ll also keep updating this site as often as I can.  This will become my main site again.

Life is good.  I have a band, I have models, I have music, I have photography and I have a wife who tolerates all of my behavior.  I don’t have time for games but I do have time to play.  This is why I have my playground. 😉