Getting Away With It

I really feel like taking a page out of Andy Warhol’s playbook and running with it.  “Art is whatever you can get away with.” I love this quote.

I am so over playing by any rules, I just do me these days.  I have no clue what other people think is good, I just know what I like.  So here is the new deal.  I’m just going to start making prints, hanging them wherever I can and selling them.  I will open my own gallery/store soon.  Not sure how soon, but it is going to happen.  I have decided that this is what I feel like doing with my time now.

I’ve had a store in my head for many years of how I want it to run and while there is nothing else like it, so I don’t know if it could work, I have learned one thing about myself over my lifetime.  I don’t like to do what has already been done and I don’t really care if someone else doesn’t think it will work.  I can make it happen.

It won’t be easy, I will have a lot of hurdles along the way but dammit I am going to make it happen.   I don’t want an online store only, which isn’t up yet because I got sidetracked with another project, but it will be up soon, as soon as my assistant comes back from Coachella and can work next week.

For now, I’m making plans in my little black book of how I will make the coolest art gallery/store/studio ever.  At least I think it will be, and that really is all that matters. 😉