It’s All About Something

I find myself lost for words today.  I know I should be working on new images but I’m tired.  It has been a very long day, I’ve been doing work for others and now I am not sure if I want to do work for myself.  I have already created my one photo/art piece for today so I feel as though I am sticking to the promise I made to myself.  One piece of art per day, every day, whether it is good or bad.

The whole point of this isn’t to create more art, it is to keep me creating period.  The benefit is that I am creating new art, but I am also staying focused on why I am doing all of this other work for other people.

I have nearly made the full time switch with my photography to just art.  Even the weddings, the portraits, the boudoir, everything is based on artistic ideas rather than just basic photography.  I know some photographers really like to just take pretty pictures but I want more than that.  I may sound selfish but I want to do two things.  I want to create art and I want to create images for people to enjoy which may or may not happen to be pretty.

I have had a hard time scheduling the past few shoots.  A couple of flaky models, one who told me all about her ex who was over bearing and controlling who always wanted to come to her shoots, but she broke up with him to only tell me that they are back together and that he needs to be present at the shoot and approve all images I take.  Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.

But I have met a few good people who are willing to shoot.  So I’ll give this another try.  The idea is to create more art, maybe an editorial or two along the way.  And of course new material to add to The Archives.  I’ve spoken with a couple of gallery reps lately and things are looking up.  I’ve got more followers of my work, at least two places who are wanting to show my work and sell it, and I’ve actually been selling more pieces lately.  Things are definitely looking up in my little world.

Maybe I should have been working on images as I am suddenly not lost for words.  I don’t even really remember writing all of this, it just kind of happened.  This is the same way I make my art pieces.  I just find an image and let it guide me.  I need more of this in my life.  Less structure, if that is possible, I really don’t have a lot of structure in my life, but less is more, so I’ll have less so I can do more.  I like this.  I’ll end with it because if I keep on babbling on it will become more is less.  Or something like that. 😉