Instantaneous Art

I have an obsession with instant film, especially Polaroid.  Like real Polaroid film.  The Instax stuff is cool, but I still have this crazy cool vibe that runs through my body when I get a good pack of old expired Polaroid film which is unlike anything else!

This hasn’t happened in a very long time, mostly because all of the old Polaroid I get is set up and the chemicals just don’t want to work.  This is very depressing.  But I have happy news!  I still have a vault of older Polaroid photos I have taken and they are going up for sale!

I have been shooting for so long that I just want to start getting more and more artwork into the world.  I gave away about 50 instant prints last year.  Right now I’m about to run a special on some which are my custom pieces, and some of my own personal favorites!

Some are silly, some are serious but they are all me.  Okay, well its my vision of a model in the photos, but this is how my brain works.  So I’ll just leave this there for that to brew for a little bit.

For now I’m posting one sample, which is for sale by the way.  This one is on sale for only $50!  Yeah, that’s a bargain! 4 Polaroid Sprectra 1200 images shot by me of Olivia Alexander many years ago.  These are one of a kind and this is the only set to be sold of these images.  Hit me up via email and the first $50 gets this one!  This includes tax and shipping anywhere in the US, and possibly elsewhere depending on how much shipping is.  Just being honest. 😉