Just Awesome

I need some extra motivation at the moment.  Not a lot, just a little bit of inspiration to kick off my Saturday evening.  I worked on another new photo.  I love working on new ideas or at least new to me ideas.

I am scheduled to work tomorrow, at my home studio.  I have scheduled myself every Sunday to be productive and get stuff done.  I’m already dreading my one day of work.  I like it better when I just create new pieces and then not think about the business side of things.  But since I play all week, I figure I’ll work on Sunday.

This does make it better for me because now I will be shooting more, putting up new art pieces on my old Etsy store, if I can remember how to log in.  This also means more pieces for the people in my Collector’s Circle and more images coming to The Archives again!

I do have to fund my art habit, so this seems like the best way to do it.  Sell art to make art, to sell art, to make art, to sell art, to make art.  I can’t decide if this is a catch 22 or insanity or just awesome.