The Line

There is a fine line I like to completely drive over from time to time.  Well, there are more than one of these lines, several actually.  And why do I tend to drive over them?  Well, because life is just more fun when you don’t play by the rules of those who simply don’t know how to have fun!

But, and this is a big but, don’t be an asshole about not following the rules.  As in, don’t be a hypocrite, like I’ll not follow the rules at all but expect you to follow them, these people are assholes.

What I mean is, I don’t care about what this person said or what that person said is art or isn’t art.  Seriously, just because you talk in a snooty way doesn’t mean you know more about art than someone else.  Just because you like the stuff you saw in your art school class doesn’t mean you are more aware of what real art is.

Personally, I think art is intellectual.  I have an artist friend who does some amazing stuff and I really dig his work.  Yet right now several “artists” think it is just a collage slapped together.  Well fuck them.  It is the same in every industry.  Photographer’s think they know everything.  Carpenter’s think they know everything about everything.  I work with a painter who can criticize everyone’s work but can’t actually do the work himself!  But he can point out what others do wrong.  Asshole.

My lines that I drive over are more along the lines of the rules of society and the limitations which said rules put upon us.  I like taboo things.  I like pushing my own boundaries for the sake of the experience.  Experience is art, really when you truly look at it, experience can be such a gratifying for of artistic expression.

I don’t like that “fetish” is such a bad word.  I don’t like that 50 Shades of Grey is supposed to be kinky or weird or intense when really it is just two people with an agreed upon contract to have some very consensual sex with no boundaries except for safe words….. wouldn’t this be called trust?

Maybe I’m just making this too simple.  But the rules are meant to be broken.  Rules keep life boring.  Rules are what puritans put into place to make sure we were all not living in sin or whatever.  Fuck the rules.  I like to live outside of the box and I like to do whatever it is I like to do.

There is really only one rule to live by.  When you break the rules, don’t tell anyone, because some asshole will rat on you. 😉