Wrong All Day Long

From the bottom, where it begins.  I’ll be your savior I’ll be your sin.

This is a line from a song I wrote for my new band “Reverend Jim and The Church of Positive Vibes” and I kind of think it fits well with my work overall.  As a conceptual artist I have found that work can cross genre’s and mixed media is more than just visual.

Have I gone completely off the deep end again? Perhaps, but the deep end allows you to dive deeper into whatever it is which motivates you.  This is why I like the deep end, this is why I like to push boundaries and to really just say fuck it to what other people think.

I was conversing with an artist, one who thinks photography isn’t art, so I really didn’t have to hold back, he doesn’t consider me an artist anyway so I figured I’d just have fun with it.  This doesn’t always end well, but for me it did.

The conversation basically was about art and galleries and well, I don’t think he likes the kind of galleries who would carry work like mine.  I really don’t think he liked the idea of me opening up my own gallery.  He doesn’t like “sales people” in a gallery, you know the art should “sell itself” but we all know that is a bunch of shit.

So if it is wrong to “sell” your art to those who may not know much about it, well then I will quote my own song lyrics, “I’ll be your savior I’ll be your sin.”  Let me be wrong all day long, as long as it pays my rent and I get to keep doing what I do.  😉