Just Like That

So just like that and bam!  I’m back.  Part of me wants to talk about all the good things, part of me wants to talk about all the bullshit, but the biggest part of me just wants to kick back, have a cold one and enjoy the shit out of this!

I have just begun the first step in my new business plan.  It has taken far longer than anticipated, which is usual for me, but today was a good day.  I have a stockpile of images which will be hitting the market by next week (a week from now that is) and I have a new assistant who happens to be great at keeping me focused!

There is also talk about new gallery representation.  This is where I have wanted to be for a while now.  Really pushing for art and no longer just shooting what the LA crowd wanted to see.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff and I really enjoyed shooting it.  It is the one thing I am actually not bitter about when it comes to my work.  I really dig the vibe of it all and love some of the great people I have met because of it.

But I am happy creating art and shooting for the pure love of it these days.  Granted, I do have a harder time finding models who show up because there is no guaranteed publication, but that’s why there are things like money to help with all of these little set backs.

This blog is becoming more like my journal rather than a blog about the industry, I think I like it better this way.  I’ll probably start blogging more again and showing more never before seen images.  I’ve also got more shoots on the way, but I’m not shooting as often as I used to, I’m more for quality rather than quantity.  Or something like that.

All I know is I am happy with my new assistant Gigi, and things are looking up.  Lets see where all of this takes me now!