This My Shit, This My Shit

After a huge break, lots of ups, downs and sideways distractions I think I am finally back and my shit is officially together.  Or as together as it can ever possibly be.

I have hired a new assistant, one that shows up and is the right fit for all of my work.  She is awesome, and will be modeling for me for some ideas I have too.  But mostly she will be assisting me with my new online store, my shoots and a lot more as time goes on!  I am super excited for this new beginning.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know where the fuck to begin with where I am now at with my work.  I have taken so many different turns and have just figured that I am going to do what makes me happy.  So this is where I am at and holy crap has this been an amazing experience the past 6 weeks or so.

I talked with a possible new art rep today, I’ll be working on new stuff tomorrow and the creative juices are definitely flowing at full steam!  I even met someone who may possibly turn into a model for me.  I have made the joke about wanting to create my own artist compound and have referenced the movie “Sirens” many times, well it is happening!  My house is slowly turning into the creative space I have wanted it to become since moving out to the desert.

There have been many setbacks, this week sucked ass.  My dog passed away, my cat died too and it has been just a very shitty emotional week.  But I have to keep pushing forward and remember the good times and use it to inspire me.  This is life, the shitty side of life, but it is life.

I know this is April Fool’s Day, but I’m not joking, I am super stoked to be where I am at.  I have some seriously cool things happening again and a zero tolerance policy for bullshit these days.  Which means more fun, more hijinks and who knows what else.

My life as an artist is in full swing and all of this hard work, frustration and craziness has all been worth it!  Hopefully you like where my work is going, if not, that is why I have The Archives, to relive all of the past and the new stuff will be going in there very soon too!

Here is to my new work, my new ideas and to hopefully a new gallery to represent my work!  Life moves pretty quickly, I have learned to enjoy every moment possible.  I hope you do this too!