Nothing to Fear but Phearitzelf

Okay, so I have not posted in a while, I’ve been working behind the scenes lately and I am really short on time.  I have a whole bunch of new work coming soon and I don’t really know what to say other than I am seriously inspired right now.

I met another artist recently who I think sees like completely differently than I do but very similarly at the same time.  This makes no sense but it really does.  The eyes of a conceptual artist are the same but different.  It is the reaction we crave, not the actual art itself.

This may not make sense to anyone and that is perfectly fine by me.  But I am feeling like I may be on to something again, not sure exactly what it is but it is there.  Sorry for the vague babble, but this is what I am thinking at this very moment so just deal with it if you can.

I’m uploading more to The Archives right now and I just started creating more new images, conceptual pieces and so on.  My goal is to create a new piece of art every day for as long as I can.  Of course this is me and I may skip a day or two because I get lost in my own world and will catch up as soon as possible, but I will be working on new work every single day.

While I will be keeping The Archives open and continually adding to them, I will be making a separate space for my art pieces.  They will be available for viewing first by the members of my Collector’s Circle, followed by those with access to The Archives and then to the rest of you.  Sorry, but art is a business and I need to pay my rent.  So some images you will have to pay to see or purchase or enjoy in whatever way you choose to enjoy them in.

Olivia by The Average Jim

Please forgive me, I am writing fast as I have written this whole post in less than 5 minutes because I have to make tacos tonight, and the BBQ needs to be perfect, yes this is another one of my talents.  My tacos are fucking amazing!

I digress, you can look forward to more new work from me, some crazy, some bizarre and some just fun and sexy and whatever you want to call it.  I am The Average Jim, hear me roar, I ripoff songs like Katy Perry and make them my own, especially at Karaoke and who knows where I will end up next?  I’m just in this for the ride, so put your thumbs up, hitch a ride with me and lets go rollin’ in my Benzee.