Work and Play

So much to do.  Seriously, I don’t have enough time.  The person I was going to hire as an assistant vanished and then reappeared but no longer interested in the job, of course then she wanted me to help promote her work.  Which is really good, but I don’t have the time to do that.

I am now looking for another assistant, scheduling shoots, and working on new parts of my whole brand.  The whole idea is having fun.  I’m sick of being pissed off at an industry which I have left behind and have been refocusing my energy towards my own work.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if I am a photographer anymore.  I use photography to convey my ideas, but I’m really over the industry as a whole and am pushing myself towards art and conceptual pieces through visual and auditory techniques.  This is where I am headed.  This is where I need to be.

I still take photos, I still have creative ideas involving photography, but there is more to my life than just taking pictures.  I am a musician, I’m into skateboarding and art and so much more.  My life is counter culture.  I love working with people who are a part of this as well.  So I am continuing my journey as The Average Jim and expanding it to many different levels.

I will be sponsoring some people soon, helping them achieve their dreams.  I have more photo shoots coming up, a new album coming out and so many more projects.  One day you’ll get to see them all.  But for now I need to get back to work on the new and questionably improved Average Jim.  And no need to worry, I’m still and ass in many ways.  I will still go off on my tangents and will definitely be creating some amazing new images.  I have several models lined up, it is just about getting the schedules to match up.


I’m not one to stick with the norm.  And if you see yourself this way too, well stick around and be a part of if all with me.  Life is short, play as often as you can.  My work is play, and I hope it stays this way for a very long time!