My House

I have wanted to start a new blog for a very long time, in fact I have started a new one and while I love what I talk about on that site, I feel I can still talk that way here.  This is my home.  This is where I can be me and not give a rats ass what others think of me.  I’m not here to sell myself to anyone, I am who I am and if you like me great, if not move along.  I like it that way, no bullshit, no games, no salesmanship going on here.

For years I called my studio my playground, I even named this site The Average Jim’s Playground.  But it is now time for a change.  I sold my old Mercedes.  I moved out of my old studio.  I was working on turning my home into a new “playground” but there is something I have really learned from all of this.  Life moves forward.  You can’t go back and The Playground was what it was, there is no recreating it.  Why would I want to make a bad movie sequel version of what was once a great space?

My home is different, and I may stay here I may move to a new home.  But there is one thing that is my new driving force.  I really dig the positive vibes approach.  I am experimenting more with my work, changing how I’ve done things in the past and really starting to figure out new directions with everything I am doing.  This is why I have changed the title of this site to The House of Positive Vibes.  This is where I live now.  The Playground is gone and the house remains.  I will still play and goof off a lot, this is something that will probably never change, I just really needed something bigger to focus on.

This is all part of my creative process and how I see things.  I like titles and projects with artist statements and some sense of direction to my own madness.  Even while going off of the deep end I like to have a general plan of attack for when I hit the water.  Part of my whole venting on this site is very cathartic for me and has actually become a huge part of my art.  I am after all a conceptual artist, so the reaction from this site is part of the process and intent of the art I create.  This means if you are reading this now you are a part of my art whether either of us know that or not.

Kara by The Average Jim

I love the process.  I love exploring new thoughts and ideas.  I love looking at work, the work I do, in new ways and figuring out how I can do something that has been in my head for so many years.  A good friend of mine passed away this past year and I had mentioned an idea to him many years ago of how I wanted to reshape my pricing and my photography services.  At the time I don’t think I was quite ready for this, but I just may be ready now.

He was very moved by the way I wanted to do my work and I think out of respect for his comments (which still stick with me today) I should really pursue this.  I’ll have more on this later, but as of right now, today, I will begin my new pricing, my new galleries will be up soon and this site will have the same look, still have all the ranting that I do, because lets face it, this is me we are talking about, I have far too much to say about things that really don’t matter.

Emmy by The Average Jim

So even when I rant, I just want you to keep saying along with me, this is The House of Positive Vibes.  This is where happiness and fun live.  This is my happy place.  This is simply where I want to be here and now.  And there really isn’t anything wrong with that. Welcome to my house.