Far Less, Far More

I have made the decision to post on this site less than normal.  Probably only about once a week, maybe twice depending on how much shooting I will be doing.  I am still shooting, probably more than usual, but I am also taking on more creative projects which take up more of my time.  So less time blogging, more time actually creating.

I also am using this site as more of a place for personal work, model work and just silly messed up ideas.

I honestly don’t even know what to say here, I’m just posting this because I felt I should say that The Archives will continue to grow, art will continue to flow and I continue to push boundaries.  I’ll just be spending less time ranting out the things I really don’t need to talk about.

My other site is http://www.jimminics.wordpress.com if you want to follow me there as well.

This site isn’t going anywhere, I still love what I do and love this side of my work, but I will be showing fewer images here and most of them will be in The Archives or in future editorials. So if you want to see more, send me an email studio@jimminics.com and let me know that you’d like to join The Archives, it’s $199 and it is a lifetime membership.  Over 70,000 images so far and more coming very soon!  New shoots about once a week or every two weeks plus more older shoots always added!

I’ll rant again soon, but it’s time to work!