Christmas Spirit

Well I had an interesting weekend.  This time of year really brings out the good and bad in many people.  I know there are many different takes on this holiday and it goes from Romans, Pagans, Christians, and more!  But that isn’t what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about the spirit, the new spirit of what Christmas actually is.

Does it really matter what people celebrated hundreds of years ago?  No, not at all.  Why?  Simple, if you go by the old scripture Christ should have risen again by now, the dates have come and gone and no apocalypse.  Sorry, but this was meant to strike fear into people and force them to believe in something to get them all to follow along.  But what I am talking about is our wonderful TV and movie culture of what the spirit of Christmas actually is.

Take away all of the religion, take away all of the pretext and Son-of-God overtone and what is Christmas really about?  It is about all of us giving.  Not just presents under a tree, but giving back to society.  Giving to those in need, helping the poor, helping friends, family, strangers, it doesn’t matter.  It is about good will toward men.  This means treat each other well and be excellent to each other.

I was at a holiday party the other night.  As usual I was the supplier of weed.  It is kind of a tradition now.  But there is one person there who is very conservative, and one of her close friends wanted to smoke but didn’t want to be judged by her conservative friend.  This sucks and kind of kills the buzz.  Here is where I really want to reach out to this friend, because I am kind of sort of friends with her as well.

This person, who shall remain unnamed, but she won’t read this blog anyway for many reasons, is the daughter of a preacher.  She has lectured friends about “morals” on social media, how gay marriage is wrong, how weed is a gateway drug and how she is a good Christian.  But here is the problem, she may be a good Christian, but she is a much better hypocrite!

She has an ugly past.  She was the other woman to a married man.  She used to brag about her career as a stripper and how she could do some really interesting tricks with her vagina.  She had also had sex with over 100 men by the time she was 21.  And you know what, if she was happy doing this, then good for her!  But now she lectures people who smoke week, who approve of gay marriage or who even are gay!

This time of year makes her feel as though her opinion on this topic is even more valid, when in reality it is actually the opposite.

Jett by The Average Jim

I don’t care if you’ve slept with 1000 people or if you are still a virgin.  Are you a good person?  Are you someone who cares about others without judging them?  This is what matters.  Money, sex, drugs, none of this matters (of course addiction is a whole different topic) what does matter is how you treat others, even when you disagree with them.  Or should I say especially when you disagree with them.

This person I am talking about does have many good qualities, and what baffles me is how she plays those down and focuses on the things which really do not matter at all.  Two men getting married will not take away anything from the vows you take at your wedding.  It just won’t.

This season, take away the negativity.  Take away the idea that you have to live a certain way and dislike certain people because they do things that some book written 2000 and some years ago says this is how you are supposed to live.  Back then watching a sermon on TV would be considered a sin and witchcraft and punishable by death!  Same with just reading this blog!

If you take anything away from this post I hope it is a simple inspiration to be nice to someone.  Even if you disagree, even if you strongly disagree.  Be nice, give kindness and give what you can when you can.  Be excellent to each other, this is what the Christmas Spirit means to me.  And honestly, what is wrong with a little weed and a lap dance?