I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

Okay, so yesterday I put up a page that said “On Hiatus” and I almost meant it too!  But I knew I wasn’t going away that easily.  But it did give me some perspective.  I’m totally fucking up over here!

I almost started to let what other people thought of my work, my style, my whatever get to me.  Like seriously, the people who I care the least about were about to bring me down a notch, and I really can’t let that happen.

I was driving back from today’s shoot when ZZ Top came on the radio.  One of my favorite songs by them, “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide.” I thought to myself, fuck yes!  I was even wearing my New York brim hat, sunglasses and only minus the gold tooth display!  Which if I ever need a cap, it’s going to be a gold one!  But this song came on and I felt inspired.  I felt like I was back in the driver’s seat of my career.  I felt like I already knew what I needed to do, and it has been right in front of me the entire time.

I’m still expanding The Average Jim’s Playground.  In fact I’ve got some crazy big plans for this!  But I’m also expanding my writing, my blogging and mixed media projects.  I know I have huge mood swings towards the industry, but fuck that, the industry can go do their own thing, I’m doing mine.  For me, by me and whoever wants to tag along well the crazy train is about to leave the station!

Kristen by The Average Jim

I’ll be picking up some new props at the first of the year, I’ve got a lot of things to do and I’m already behind!  My assistant is great at texting me but so far I’ve only met with her once, that might be partially my fault too.  Usually is.  But I’ve got several models who want to work with me, do some crazy fun shoots, and I’ve got a lot of leads on new work that I really want to do!

I might just be completely off the deep end here, but I know how to swim and I’m in the mood to take on the world.  I have no idea if what I’m doing here is art, creative, repetition or what.  But I’m doing it because I love it.  I’m doing this because I have ideas in my head and this is the only way I know how to do get them out.  Well, photography and music, and film and writing, and maybe painting in the future.

Sydney by The Average Jim

My clients today gave me a new prop too, one that I had been wanting for a while now!  Now I just need to find a model to work with who fits the concept.  I’ll find one, I always do.  But for now, I’m back to rocking the boat, cruising around with two fingers in the air (you determine if it’s the peace sign or if I’m flipping you off with both hands because it could be either depending who you are) and digging the life I live.  Feel free to hate me, feel free to not care.  I am The Average Jim, and I just don’t have time to give a fuck about any of these clowns who waste my time anymore.  I am bad, and yes I am nationwide.  Thank you ZZ Top, it’s time to tear some shit up!