Selling Sex?

I’m going to talk about something that we all know.  Sex sells.  And it is crazy how much of it is out there in our society!  I mean everything is about sex, how sexy is an actress, who cares if she can act, does she want to pose for a men’s magazine in lingerie?  And this sucks for people who are actually very talented actors!  But we pay more to see them looking sexy.

I am totally guilty of this too.  Like seriously, just look at my site.  I know sex sells, it’s all over my images.  I used to say during my shoots that these are totally men’s fantasy shoots.  Women always sit around the house in just a t-shirt waiting to go check the mail.  Right?

So while I sit here and bitch about the perverted messages I get from other photographers or fans, I do want to say, I get it.  I get why you want to see all of this, all I was complaining about yesterday was the fact that some guys have no game at all!  Look, it’s not about getting people naked, it’s not about groping someone and it’s definitely not about shooting porn.  It’s about purpose.

One thing I like to say when I shoot nudes is why are we shooting nudes?  Why are we creating these images?  Is there a point to it or are we just selling sex?  Because selling sex is easy and nearly anyone can do it!  It is the easiest type of shoot to get published in a magazine right now, and it is all because nudes drive viewers to the website.  It’s what gets a lot of them here!

But in all seriousness.  Why do I do what I do?  Because it is fun.  It is fun to run around naked and it is fun to create art that the rest of the world, or at least a lot of this country seems to find to be taboo.  It is a great form of expression and freedom.  It isn’t about getting your rocks off, it is about living life and pushing boundaries and finding your own little niche in this crazy industry.

Adrienne by The Average Jim

I know some photographers who just want to hook up with hot models.  I also know some models who have a thing for photographers.  But overall this really isn’t the case.  Just because it happens to some does not mean it will happen to you just because you have a camera.  It’s like anything else, attraction is a two way street, and the older I get the stranger things get!

But these are stories for another time.  Right now I’m just living in the moment, enjoying life and planning my next few big shoots!  I’m also editing the one from the other day.  I really should stop typing and start working… but it’s only the early afternoon.  I still have time to work later. 😉