The Average Purge

There are many things in my life where I just don’t have my shit together.  I can admit this, well I kind of have to because it is so obvious!  But where I do have my shit together, well it is together!

I’ve been working my ass off lately because I have been trying to really focus on new projects, finish up several books and I’m even writing a book, with words, not just pictures! I am also making several changes to this site, and yes, sorry folks, many images are coming down, and they are coming down tonight! In fact, as you read this many of the images have already been removed.

But why would I do this?  Because I need to make room, and since I have uploaded them to The Archives I have them online already, and I do need the space on this site.  I’m keeping the blog posts up and the images inside of the posts, so you still get to see those.  But as for the portfolios, well they are gone for now.  At least until I set up more space on this site.

Part of this change is also part of my master plan to revamp everything about what I am doing from this point on.  I have a killer shoot planned this weekend, more shoots scheduled and so many more products and art pieces coming so very soon!  I will also have many one of a kind pieces.  That’s right, only one print of a specific image will ever be produced by myself.  No other copies, nothing!  I will even remove it from The Archives as only one person will own the one original copy.

I have been doing this for a while now.  It all started when I started shooting instant film for projects.  This way there was only one original and I started just releasing them out into the world.  Last year, well earlier this year to be technical, I had a shoot with Roarie where I gave her about 45-50 Fujifilm Instax images that we shot.  I’m sure she hoarded a few, which she is known to do, but I told her to sell them to help pay for her travels.  I didn’t sign them, and honestly some people who have them probably don’t even know they have an original Average Jim print.  And they probably don’t care!  Sorry, a little self deprecating humor there.

Jessamyne by The Average Jim

I’m also planning on some big give-aways.  This way you can get a free print, possibly a one of a kind print!  It’s just how I’m going to roll from now on.  I like doing business this way.  If you want to see everything, join The Archives.  If you want a print, send me an email.  If you want to see more of a certain model, let me know!  The doors are open, along with the flood gates.  It’s The Average Purge in a sense.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Okay, still in with some of the old because I like it too much.

Sky and The Average Jim

I’ve even started reworking my official website, more new images coming soon, more shoots on the calendar and more crazy high-jinks (see what I did there) to come!  Stay tuned, things are about to get even more interesting! 😉