Super Secret Jim

I can’t believe this year is almost over!  My plans have been delayed a little but at least I’m still on the right track!  But what are plans really?  But what I have going on now is pretty damn cool.  I’m working on new ideas and one will have some of my followers mad, but those who are subscribing to The Archives will be very happy.

So I’m thinking of pulling a Playboy.  To some degree.  I’m thinking of not showing nudes on this site anymore.  And yes that means probably pulling some from the site…. wait no, that is too much work.  But all new work would only be available to members of The Collector’s Circle and to those who are members of The Archives.  I hate the business end of things, but I am really over so many people stealing images from here, when there are high resolution images in The Archives!

My only issue, and it is actually my issue, I like showing the photos I take here.  I just like it, I like to share.  Maybe it is a business flaw, but I have to show something right?  Maybe just some images and the rest are only available to members.

Don’t you love how I work out my business plan on my blog just so the whole world can see it!  Welcome to the totally open Jim!  I don’t hide anything, except images apparently.  As there are thousands of unpublished images hiding in there.  But is that enough?  Do I need to make it a secret club?

I was also considering doing some shoots that were only available to members, kind of an added bonus to those who have shelled out the cash up front.  I already send gifts to members of the Collector’s Circle, one more gift would be exclusive shoots.  But then again, I love to share to much!

Audrianne by The Average Jim

So for now, things will stay kind of the same.  Some are only meant for the blog and some are meant for The Archives and some are hiding away in my house still unseen by anyone but me.  Oh, maybe I should make the “Super Secret Archives”, trust me, some of those images you would definitely pay to see!

Audrianne by The Average Jim

For now here is a shoot I have not shared too much of, and will be adding to The Archives this week.