Love The Hate

I really need to write a book.  The crazy shit that keeps happening is astounding!  Honestly my life isn’t that interesting but some people really seem to think it must be.  Then again, I have had some very interesting experiences that I have never and probably will never talk about on this site or anywhere else other than a tell all book.

There was a time when a model solicited me for prostitution and said she really needed to make some extra cash.  Oh yeah, this was right in front of my wife.  That shoot definitely got cut short!

There was the time the police got called and they had to make up a reason as to why they were calling, so they said “a man is out in the field taking nude photos of underage girls.”  Seriously? What the fuck? They knew the cops wouldn’t show up if they said a photographer was taking photos of someone, so they had to make shit up. Well it didn’t work, so haha haters!

I have had people email me, text me and even call me pretending to be someone else, sometimes I catch on quicker than others.  And I’ve had some pretty amazing people contact me for some pretty outlandish requests!  There are always the ones of “I want to do a special shoot for my boyfriend.” Oh boy, these are always more than I bargained for!


I had a boudoir client once who…. nope sorry, can’t share that one.  It just sounds bad.  It wasn’t that bad, but the funniest part was when she asked if we could bill this on my wife’s business because her boyfriend would be livid if he knew a guy took these photos of her. This happens more than you’d think.

And then there is the model who loves working with me but her boyfriend is jealous of the photos we take and doesn’t want her shooting with me because he is insecure and has some delusional reasoning that she may want to run off with an unavailable middle-aged man who is not wealthy at all.

Each of these scenarios has happened more than once, except the cops, that has only been once so far.  There are many details lacking to these stories but dammit these have been some interesting times! Tonight I talked with someone who was a total dick to me via email and suddenly we are great friends.  This guy would not even give me the time of day, oh but I know this other person so suddenly we are all good because I must be somebody now!

This world is full of people who want to rain, or better yet, shit on your parade.  Fuck them.  Be who you are and fucking own it!  Don’t let these people deny you anything, ever.

Haley by The Average Jim

They want to call the cops? Let them.  They want to be jealous, let them.  They want to run you down, they can’t because you are too far above their crazy ass bullshit to let it get to you.

Be true to your art.  Be true to yourself and none of this other stuff will even matter.  If people are targeting you it means you’ve struck a nerve with them.  Good!  Keep striking those nerves and keep them on their toes!  Make them lose sleep at night and make them wonder what your intentions really are.  Keep them guessing as much as possible.

The whole reason people don’t know what I’m doing next is partially because I don’t even know what I’m doing next!  I have so many ideas that I may be filming a movie one day and shooting art the next.  Or a wedding, who knows?  I like to stay a little unpredictable and keep things as true to my vision as possible.

Charlie by The Average Jim

I am not bothered by the haters or trolls.  Honestly the fact that you have chosen to waste your time on me is hilarious!  Thanks for the laughs, I’m cool with what I  do and that is all that matters.  Maybe one day you will make it into my tell all book.  Too bad you never had the courage to say who you really were. 😦 awe, sad face.