This has been a very surreal week for me. The signs from the universe are very confusing right now. I am definitely being pulled in the directions I want to be pulled into, but it makes for an interesting ride!

Life does this. Just when you think you’ve had enough of one thing it gives you another opportunity which you just can’t refuse. Some people call this a test, some call it a sign. I call it life and the universe playing games with your head!

Or maybe I do this to myself to some degree? I make myself a target for crazy things to happen to me. And am I really unhappy about these situations? After all I keep getting myself into them, they must be fun right? Why else would I do the things I do?

These are questions I ask myself all the time. I fuck up a lot. But not in any ways that are life threatening or anything, just stupid things like letting things get way out of control before I realize it’s probably not the best idea to begin with.

It reminds me of the time I was lighting off huge fireworks (like real fireworks) underneath the power lines, I knew it was all going to be alright. And it was, only took down one small tree branch. Until a couple of years ago I would always argue that I totally knew what I was doing even though I was drunk, I’ve got it handled. But then I thought, hey, that probably wasn’t the best idea ever.

Jess One Roll by The Average Jim

But then there are times I think to myself, if it wasn’t for that really bad idea, I wouldn’t have this fun story to tell at parties now of why you should never give me a lighter. Ever.

I don’t know where I’m going. I barely remember where I’ve been. I’ll see you when I get there. It’s been a fun ride and it will be sad when it ends.

Just a little random rhym to end this random post.