Ups and Downs

Apparently I’m an asshole.  So if I don’t want to hire someone for a specific project and ask them if they are interested in another instead, a less provocative project nonetheless, they are all butt hurt because they didn’t get the first gig.  Sorry, I needed a tall, lanky model for that project, you’re 5’3″.

This is why I like art models.  Or I should say models who have an understanding of art and conceptual pieces.  Just because you want to do a project doesn’t mean you fit my vision for it.  And to be perfectly honest, I wish, like seriously wish I could work with almost everyone who I talk to.  There are so many talented people out there and I wish I had the time and money to make it happen for everyone!  I would be overwhelmed but I’d be one happy camper!

I have a good friend coming out to visit in January, I’ve photographed her many times and she is always inspiring!  We met when she first started modeling many years ago and have remained good friends since.  I’m of course talking about the model featured today, Roarie.

She and I have shot some seriously silly images in the past, we have also shot some of my absolute favorite images!  I love shooting film with her, but I also hate it because I hate waiting for my negatives to come back from the lab.  She is truly an artist, she loves to create art, work with conceptual ideas, shoot fashion, nudes, funny ideas or whatever it is as long as it is a good idea!

Roarie by The Average Jim

Our last shoot turned into a few digital images but mostly about 50 instant photos that I gave her after the shoot.  I of course made a digital copy of the instant photos for myself, but I wanted her to have them.  She could keep the ones she liked and sell the rest to cover some of her travel expenses.  Why would I do this?  One, I hate money, but also it was more important to me to have my artwork out in the world.  It wasn’t about making the money, it was about getting these photos into the hands of outsiders.

This is why I love what I do.  I am in control of my own destiny and I decide when to give stuff away and when to sell it.  I even have a bunch of Polaroids at home that nobody has ever seen!  I’m hoarding them to myself for now.  I’ll share one day, but for now, they are mine.  Maybe I’ll do a giveaway to the members of The Archives or my Collector’s Circle.  That would be interesting. I like secret giveaways.

Roarie by The Average Jim

I feel like there is a lot of positive energy around me these days.  I have surrounded myself with some very positive people, working on dealing with the negative ones, one baby step at a time, and it is becoming much easier to focus on the projects which mean the most to me.

I have learned a lot about myself moving out to the desert.  I can say no much easier than before, I am finding very motivated people to work with and I am opening up doors to models that I would have never before been able to work with because of location.

Life is pretty good these days.  Some days I need to find time to step back and take a deep breath, but overall the pursuit of doing what I love has been worth every single risk and chance I have taken over the past 2 years.  It has been up and down, and I’m sure it will be again, luckily I’m on an up cycle for the moment.  I’ll ride this out for as long as I can!

Roarie by The Average Jim

I may be an asshole for not hiring everyone, I can live with that.  One reason is because I also have some amazing people around me who are up for some pretty amazing shoots.  I can’t wait until January when Roarie comes out for a visit, it will be awesome, just wait and see. 😉