Too Good of A Mood

I’m a little fired up these days.  In a really good way though.  I used to get all pissed off and rant on about the industry and how terrible some people are.  Well, I still get this way on the surface, but things are changing for me.  I now tend to let it all out and then never think about it again.

What I have to keep telling myself is that I am no longer a part of that side of the industry.  I don’t have to play their games anymore.  I am free from what they think.  This is such a great feeling.  Imagine sitting at your job and suddenly one day you find a way to start your own company doing the very same thing that you’ve been doing for someone else but now you get to reap all the rewards!  This is what it feels like.

The interesting thing is that since taking on this mentality I have been busier than ever!  I’m only booking jobs that I want and these jobs seem to be a perfect fit for my way of thinking.  Not to be all philosophical but I just put it out there and the universe delivered!

I thought for years that I was outside of the box, and technically I was.  But I have now stepped even farther out of this box and the perspective is completely different than before.  I see things so differently and it is like being able to slow down the matrix to view everything in slow motion.  And I’m not even high right now!

Sky by The Average Jim

It is as if I have tapped into my inner artist and inner business minded persona and have begun to unlock the keys to my own happiness.  I am impervious to the Jedi mind tricks of the industry.  This is a pretty cool feeling.  I’m not going to lie, I am really stoked to be where I am at right now in my career.  Retirement is treating me better than hustling full time ever has!

I am self contained, I am all inclusive and I am completely independent.  I feel like Jerry MaGuire when he left his office with only a goldfish and a secretary. The freedom is amazing, the benefits are incredible and I don’t have to follow their rules.

Sky by The Average Jim

I can’t say when I said “I quit” that I wasn’t nervous about what I was going to end up doing, but it has really worked out for me.  I don’t look at what I don’t have anymore as a loss, I look at it as a new door has opened up for me.  So I’m no longer shooting for agencies, but they stopped paying and wanted me to shoot their ideas for free.  How does that make me grow?  It doesn’t.  For some it will, but for me that ship has sailed.  I’m done trying to make it work in my favor, the juice is not worth the squeeze.

Okay, enough movie references.  I’m in too good of a mood.  😉

Sky by The Average Jim

Oh, and if you want to see all the photos from this shoot, they are only available in The Archives.