Living The Good Life

As far as odd days go, this one is up there.  I can’t go into detail but lets just say that I’ve received some very interesting messages today.  One from a model I shot years ago who wants to shoot more erotic style fashion, almost made me question if it was really her, seriously, but if this works out it will be an amazing shoot!

Another message from another model that I can’t even begin to explain.  I’ll just leave it at that for now.  But if anyone wants to invest in a private shoot, let me know.

Something is definitely in the air surrounding The Average Jim’s Playground.  I just had another exclusive run on NIF Magazine and that is really cool.  It is more shots of Sky, well worth posting.

There is some very good mojo going on, I don’t know if I’m being tested or if I should just run with it.  My head is kind of reeling with what can possibly come from all of the recent cool shit that has happened.  It is like the cap has been let off and now I am trying to catch all of the opportunities which are flooding out in my direction.  I’m not going to complain, this is all pretty damn rad if you ask me.

But what exactly am I doing here?  I have a potential short film, a possible coffee table book of something fucking awesome and some other great art projects. A possible new assistant, more work than I can handle and a busted car… that’s another story all together.

Sky by The Average Jim

For now I’m on auto pilot until everything is confirmed and I know that I’m not part of some huge prank.  I doubt it, but damn, today has been a good day and I have no clue how it all came together, I guess the universe wants me here at this place at this time.  I’ll just accept that, go home, smoke a fatty and hang with my wife to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  This is the good life. 😉