The Hustle

New opportunities appear every single day.  But here is something to remember kids, if you don’t put it out there and don’t let people know what it is you’re offering, well nobody will buy it.  People have asked me how I can get by doing what I do for a living.  Well, I hustle, even in my semi-retirement I am hustling!

I find new ways to find new models to work with.  I find new ways to sell products and create new products to sell.  I also push myself to start creating new art and I’m talking with a fetish model right now and we are collaborating to come up with a great combination of my style and her style.

I have always been a firm believer in self-marketing.  I know there are companies out there who will market your brand for you, but my problem is that they have never been as interested in my business as I have been.  Their money comes from me, I am their paycheck, which means they may not work as hard as I would.  Plus, they just want to get clients in the door, not so much actually care if the client is the right fit.  To them it is numbers whereas at to me it is about the right fit.

There is a business near me who hires a marketing team, I have no clue how much he spends on this but he has sponsored Instagram, sponsored Facebook ads, he spends money on every single business group in town and throws meetings for these groups with his own money.  I can guarantee you that he has spent far more than he has made off of this.  But he really doesn’t get how to network and how to market for free, so he needs them.  Eventually it will pay off, but I’m kind of more of an immediate return on my investment type of guy.

Sky by The Average Jim

This is why I hustle.  I don’t want to pay someone else for something I can do and probably do better than they can.  I have also been criticized for how I talk about the people who come to my site!  They say this is terrible marketing.  But why is it that bad if it is the truth?  I know some guys come here just for the images of the models, duh, no shit Sherlock! Why do you think I put up the photos?  Just because I tell it like it is doesn’t mean I don’t like these guys. The only ones I make fun of are the ones who contact me and ask me for something that I obviously don’t shoot and stuff you’ll never see me shoot, like underage shit.  Seriously, those are the ones I call out!

If a guy wants to look at photos of pretty models, well I do my best to drive them here to my site or to The Archives.  The difference is that I don’t want to do the same old thing with every model, I like to at least have some artistic merit to my work, or at least with the idea of the shoot.  It may not be much, but I do try!  Shit I have a few sites I go to every now and then just because they have some cool work and some great models too!  Tumblr, seriously, that is a site full of stuff that will blow your mind!

Sky by The Average Jim

Am I a marketing genius?  Hell no!  I am just a guy who is passionate about what he does and I just want to do the best I can at all times.  I keep pushing myself, I’m finding new ways to do this, I may even start a donation fund where people can help me fund model shoots with models they really want to see on this site.  I’m still trying to figure this one out, I’ll keep you updated.  I’m pretty sure there are about 10 of my followers specifically who would love to see a model I’m talking to right now.  She is new, no portfolio and eager to work with me.  One thing I love about working with 18-22 year old models, they are very motivated!  I think I need to set it up with her in the next two weeks, so if anyone wants to contribute, feel free to contact me. 😉