Better Off

Crazy good shit is happening right now.  I’m actually kind of impressed with how fast I jumped back on this horse!  Wow, I’m in a really good mood!  I’ve got some amazing people lined up to shoot with and more clients lining up.  And I’ve also weeded out a certain client.  They were kind of pissing me off and I am so happy they didn’t book me.  They were just stringing me along and wouldn’t pull the trigger and then they found someone who kissed their ass and was most likely cheaper.  I’m way better off!

What is funny is that at first I totally misread these clients, at first I thought they got my work, when it turned out that they actually just didn’t.  And that is cool, because I don’t think I really got who they were either.  This is part of the business I love now.  I’m not mad about not getting the gig, I am actually happy that they went with someone else because the worst thing isn’t losing a paycheck, the worse thing would be photographing someone who doesn’t understand the concept the way I do.

This is why I am up front and honest with every single gig that comes my way.  It is the only way to roll.  I’ve got some pretty cool shoots lined up. Everything from actors to models and from soft pretty light to the erotic side of life!  I think I have a new assistant, finally!  And life is moving in the right direction.

It’s funny to not be bitching about something right now, especially when I didn’t book a gig, of course I just got paid for an even bigger gig today so maybe that is the high I am still functioning off of.  That and I found out that I have another editorial coming out this week.  Yeah I know I said I was done, but this is a magazine I actually dig so I had to submit!

Cortney by The Average Jim

I’ll be adding more images to The Archives tonight, well hopefully tonight, software issues…. ugh.  But for now I’m going to chill, play on the computer and figure out my next big move all while I wait for the photos to load to my computer so I can load them to The Archives.

Cortney by The Average Jim

Here is to things moving along in the right direction and to working with some pretty amazing people.  This is a good end to very weird year.  One month to go, I wonder what is going to happen in December?  I just might have another shoot with Cortney Palm, you may remember her from a shoot I did a while back, and she was also in Zombeavers.  I highly recommend Zombeavers with a little bit of weed and an adult beverage or two. 😉