If you’ve got the cash…

I must piss a lot of people off.  The nerve of me to ask for money for my products and services.  Free exposure, free shoots, free access to my archives and absolutely nothing to offer me except for that they can get me more followers on social media, maybe.

Okay, we all know how social media works when it comes to the types of images I shoot.  The models get the attention, far more than the photographers do.  Yes some photographers do get a good amount of attention, but it just isn’t the same.  If a guy has the chance to comment on my work and talk to a 45 year old dude or comment on a model’s work and have the chance to her respond, odds are they are picking her.

Of course I’m not giving up on social media, I’ll probably be stepping it up very soon, but simply because I have to if I want to stay relevant at all.  I’m not stupid, I just know the game and what to expect from the effort.  I tend to piss people off when I know that what they are offering me is really absolutely nothing.

I’ve had magazines ask me to write for them, some I do some I don’t.  I have shot for several magazines, but now even those magazines want free content or they want you to pay for the content to be published on their site.  No, not happening.  I am not going to pay to be on your blog.  That is what it is, it is a blog with a ton of other photographer’s work as well.  Shit, I could do the same thing with this site!  I get more hits here than some of these “magazines”, maybe I should start charging?

Kimberly by The Average Jim

Instead of having The Archives I could just start a pay site, but that is a business I am not really interested in starting.  Too much hassle and then you start getting requests for some work that I really don’t want to get into.  I already get some messed up requests from people, and believe me it isn’t what you would think it is!  I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!  But honestly I love the fetish people, they are so open and honest with what they are looking for, I kind of wish everyone was this honest.

The one thing I have thought about is offering custom photo shoots.  I’ve done this already to a certain extent, but I’d like to expand on this.  Custom private shoots.  Have a fetish and want a certain look just for you?  I can make it happen!  Top priority is privacy, I don’t share my boudoir client’s photos unless they give me permission, why wouldn’t I do the same for my other clients?

Jenna by The Average Jim

This also makes me a commissioned artist.  So much better than the self given title of smut merchant.  Although I still like the ring to that.  Plus this would give me a chance to really get creative!  Have a thing for feet?  Long hair or short hair?  Lingerie?  Cute smiles? Peanut Butter?  I don’t care what it is (for the most part) I’m down!

Honestly I have no clue how to put this out there, but I may as well start here.  If you’ve got the cash I’ve got the time.  Oh wow, I am like a photo pimp now! How cool is that?  I need a big hat and a fuzzy coat, and maybe a Cadillac.  Okay, I’m getting off subject yet again.  So instead of giving stuff away, sending images to other blogs for them to post and gain a following I am just going to keep stuff here.  Keep a lot of the good stuff for just The Archives, but if you want something just for you, email me.  Right from the beginning privacy is important and no information is ever shared.  Even if it is a shoot I don’t want to do, I can keep a secret!

Christina and Brittney

I can be your fetish dealer, private shoots, private galleries, and so much more!  I actually like the sound of this.  Prices will vary depending on the shoot of course, but this could get very interesting.  So who is in?