Evil is Live Spelled Backwards

A friend of mine did an incredible photography art project many years ago.  I have quoted his title many times as it was “Evil Comes Prepared” and I thought about how cool that was.  He was talking about how it is so much more difficult to be good and evil is just so easy to be.  I got it back then and even though he based it off of his religion I still really dug it.  But now as I am becoming more philosophical than ever before I have more questions about it.

And this isn’t meant to degrade his work, I still love the project!  But I have more questions about this type of thing.  It was based on religion, which I personally am not into.  Yes I know I have my own church, but that is different, I should say I don’t believe in a specific religious doctrine.  But this whole good and evil thing, I don’t think it is as hard as he makes it out to be good.  I think it really matters of what your definition of good really is.

If you go by the bible, good is pretty fucking hard to be!  Evil is way easier according to Christianity.  Holy crap, I’m evil just my making this post!  But if you step back and look at things you can totally play Devil’s advocate.  Yes I said that just because I could.

Murder is bad, it is evil, but I find it much easier to not kill people.  Rape is bad, it is evil, I find it much easier to not rape people.  Violence towards others (outside of sports etc) is evil, I find it easier to not be violent towards animals, people or whatever.  So in this reality it is actually much easier to be good.

Vanity is considered a sin.  Fuck that.  I like how I look, even with my “dad bod” I feel good about how I look and how I feel about that.  Gluttony is a sin.  Well, this past Thanksgiving means I’m going to hell for sure!  I ate like a motherfucker!  Adultery is a sin, okay so I don’t cheat on my wife, but people say the photos I take are just as bad so I guess I’m a sinner!  Honestly, if these things are bad, I don’t want to be good.

Kara by The Average Jim

Being good by that old conservative definition is nearly impossible.  These definitions are meant to control you and follow orders.  Well, if there is one thing I learned through all of my years of schooling, and my teachers will definitely agree, I don’t follow directions or orders or commands.  But I will argue that this does not make me bad.

Look, in my reality this is how it goes.  I dig my wife, I dig what I get to do every single day and I like meeting new people and running around the desert with half naked models creating fun images.  This isn’t being bad, this is the epitome of being good!  I am enjoying my life.  I am enjoying every single day I am lucky enough to be on this spinning little rock flying around this vast universe.  So don’t try to limit me with rules because it ain’t happening!

Charlie by The Average Jim

Don’t expect Reverend Jim to be all reserved and quiet.  My friends are a combination of such different walks of life.  Actors, models, porn stars, former drug addicts, stoners, drunks, people with some issues (just being honest) and some very well rounded people such as probation officers (not mine lol) police officers, a judge, people who own businesses and I’ve rubbed elbows with politicians and celebrities.  I am cool with everyone who is cool with me.  And honestly I’ve seen some of the more reserved people do some crazier shit than any of my porn star friends!  Except BJ, that boy is crazy!

So yes, my friend may be right, evil does come prepared, but good takes a lot of practice and planning to pull off right.  How else would I have been able to do half of the stuff I have done?  I had to get a giant bottle of Vaseline to grease up Chelsea for her editorial shoot, luckily she had the confetti cannon.  I had to have a disco ball for Kara to bend over on. This is good planning on my part.

Casey by The Average Jim

Am I evil?  No.  Or is this one of those things when they ask “do stupid people know they are stupid?”  Do I not know I’m evil?  I’m sure if any puritan reads this they will assume I am.  But I rescue animals, help people as often as I can and do the best for my community as possible.  If I’m evil then all I can say is I wish more people were like me, including the imperfections, because none of us are perfect and we should all stop trying to be, which is exactly why it is so hard to be “good”.

I’m not good, I’m just me.  The non-murdering, non-raping, non-stealing, nonsensical Average Jim.  Now who are you?