The Anarchist Jim

I have a habit of taking absolutely nothing seriously.  Some may think it is a bad habit, but I on the other hand feel as though it is essential of me being exactly who I am meant to be.  This is exactly why I say fuck it and do my own thing.

I have fucked around so much in my life that I have made a profession out of it!  If all goes as planned, The Average Jim’s Playground will become a full fledged production company by the end of the year!  I will be filming, directing and producing my very first short film.  Submitting it to festivals and I am already writing my next one!

Who said drinking beer and smoking weed was a bad thing?  I take my inspiration wherever I can get it!  I am also working on a new series for gallery submission.  I don’t know if I should publish them here or not?  Part of me wants to keep them all a secret, but The Average Jim in me says show them off to the world!  I’ll sleep on it and figure it out tomorrow or the next day.

The immediate good news is that I am back loading photos to The Archives.  So far two shoots uploaded today and I’m waiting for a third one to export from my hard drive to my computer so it uploads the way I want it to.

I’ll have yet another new shoot (or two) going up in the next couple of days as well.  I’ve been keeping busy and flying under the radar lately.  Apparently some people don’t like me anymore.  I’ve been kicked out of private groups on Facebook, ignored on a site that used to beg for my work all because I called out these rich old guys who weren’t really photographers who just wanted to pay pretty girls to come over and take their clothes off for the camera.

Stephanie by The Average Jim

Just because you have expensive gear, have a ton of money and pay models to hang out with you doesn’t make you a fine art photographer.  It makes you a glorified GWC.  But I guess they didn’t like that.  Sorry, but it is what it is, don’t get mad at me for pointing out the obvious.

I have decided to go a completely different route and say damn the man!  I have gone nomad, I am solo and I am waving two middle fingers in the air as high as I can.  I am the master of my own domain, except for Yahoo fucking me over on my original domain, fuck them.

I have figured out that there is another way to beat the system, I’m like corn, the anarchist vegetable, I beat the system!  Sorry, bad joke but it fits my mood right now.

People may dislike me for telling the truth, but at least I can remember what the fuck I have said.  My memory sucks these days so I cannot tell a lie, well I probably could but I’d get caught pretty quick!  So you stuck what where?  I don’t care, lets shoot!  So I said you flaked on me, but you did!  I remember one model calling me 45 minutes after we were supposed to shoot telling me how she owed me one because she got super stoned the night before and partied with her neighbors until 4 am.  I gave her a free pass because at least she was honest with me.  That rocks!

So here is my new policy.  If you have a giant stick up your ass I don’t want to work with you.  If you’re cool, I want to work with you.  If you’re some old dude who pays models because it sounds better than hiring a stripper, I’m not your friend.  And strippers these days let you touch them, so seriously think about where you’re spending your money.  If you want a stripper get a stripper!  One of my best friends has the absolute best stories about strippers, some that will make you rethink your entire life!

Roarie by The Average Jim

I have no more fucks to give.  I am doing what I do best and that is running my mouth, shooting some fun stuff and enjoying the hell out of my life while documenting it for all to see here on this site.  If you don’t like me for that, I don’t give a shit.  Really, I don’t.  If anything it inspires me to do better work and to keep building my crappy little empire.

Here is to fucking around, meeting new friends, hanging out with your best friends, making movies, drinking beer and smoking weed!  2017 can’t get here soon enough! 😉