Naked Travels 2 Begins

The past couple of days have been awesome!  Had a great two days of shooting with Sky.  She drove out to Palm Springs and we went on a little adventure, shot an editorial exclusive, which I’ll share a link to once it is published.  Shot the very first session for Naked Travels 2!  And we did another killer shoot at my home yesterday morning.

This was such a fun couple of days and working with her made me realize I need to keep doing what I’m doing.  Just working with the right people.  People who are up for adventure and who are looking for more than just the same old thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes miss just shooting for a portfolio or to get commercial work or whatever.  But I like having fun and flying by the seat of my pants too much to give this up in any way shape or form!

There will definitely be more Naked Travels sessions, in my dirty Mercedes, who buys a black car in the desert? Apparently this guy!

I may not always make the best decisions in life, well, at least on some levels.  But this decision is one that I know I won’t regret.  Of course I don’t really regret any decisions, I just suffer the consequences of the bad ones because life is short and sometimes you just simply have to have fun!

Just like driving, there are really no rules, they say there are but really they are just suggestions.  Just because the sign says stop doesn’t mean I am forced to actually stop.  Granted there are consequences to not stopping, or to not staying in your lane.  I always say, the lines are merely a suggestion, the world doesn’t end if you cross the wrong line.

Luckily I have good people who keep me out of too much trouble and force me to think about some consequences, otherwise I would probably end up in a lot more trouble than I already do!

Sky by The Average Jim

Well I’m off to another shoot to make some money to keep a roof over my head.  I will be loading the photos from this session to The Archives in the next few days, once all the edits are finished.  So if you want to see them all, send me an email to purchase a subscription.  This is how I fund my adventures and eat, sorry for the sales pitch, but I like to eat as much as you like to look at these photos. 😉