Back At It

Positive things are happening!  Today I have an incredible shoot scheduled and we are going to get creative and just have a blast!  It is a new model who I have never worked with before but I have a really good feeling about this shoot.  Just via text messages I can tell we are going to get along great!

I have not been posting a lot because I’ve been swamped, between booking new shoots, creating new books and products I have not had time to share any of this!  I am planning on hiring a new assistant, but she isn’t available until the beginning of next month, so we will see how that goes.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I am also finally adding to the nearly 70,000 images in The Archives!  I have three shoots lined up to be added in the next week and plus the new one I am shooting tomorrow!  Yes, I need an assistant!  Bad!

I think today will also mark the day I finally start my Naked Travels 2.0 project.  I had wanted to start it with Olivia, who I shot the very last session of the first Naked Travels project with but she moved out of state and I’m not sure when she will be back.  But I don’t think I can resist shooting it with today’s model, she just has too much to offer not to do this project with her!

It is going to be photography over load for me today.  I have quite the adventure planned.  So instead of blabbing on and on here, I need to actually get my gear together and get ready for what I know will be an awesome day!

Kara by The Average Jim

I’ll post a sneak peek of today’s shoot here as soon as possible!