WTF? Random as shit….

I just looked up at the ceiling above my desk and wow, these painters were not good.  Like not good at all.  I’m really hoping it was the last person who lived here and not someone who was hired who painted these walls.

I’m in a mood of perspective and not-so-deep thought.  While I like my philosophical rants and ramblings.  Tonight I am in more of a random rambling mood than into any serious philosophy discussion.  Of course the weed is starting to kick in so this may get even more random.

At least I have taken the steps to ensure I am fine, I have beer to go with the week and my wonderful turkey sandwiches I made.  The bummer is I forgot to get Doritos from the store.  But I did get a week’s worth of pet food.  Okay, I’m sure you’re wondering where in the hell am I going with this post?

Am I just writing total nonsense to see if anyone is actually reading these words or just here to look at the pictures?  I know who is here for the pictures, I can see the stats on my site and can tell when people are just here for the naked pictures.  I may not know who you are, but you know who you are!

I somehow got a paper cut on my thumb, I don’t remember holding paper anytime today.  But then again I’m starting to not remember too much from today.  This is good stuff.

I swear I get some of my best ideas when I’m like this.  It isn’t so much of what I come up with as it is to what I retain the next day.  It’s like I’m trying to be the Leonardo DiCaprio of my own Inseption in my own head.  I have great ideas, get fucked up and then see if I can inspire myself the next day and seriously wonder how I came up with such great ideas!  This is how I re-wrote “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” by The Romones.  It took me a couple of hours to figure that one out.

Chrissy by The Average Jim

It is kind of like when I was photographing Chrissy.  We were shooting for my Naked Travels series and she asked if I wanted to shoot some other ideas.  Well, yes of course.  So we spent about anther hour finding new spots to shoot in my home when I came up with an idea out of nowhere.  It was a very simple idea, kind of an erotic twist on glamour.  Nothing ground breaking, but it was an idea.  And I think the idea came from a night of drinking and watching B-Movies.

Chrissy by The Average Jim

Anyway, I shot just a handful of images and honestly forgot about them for a long time.  But tonight I will share them with you.  Why?  Because I can and because I just want you to read this nonsensical blog while looking at the images of a nude model.  Lets see which one actually gets more hits. 😉

Chrissy by The Average Jim