Yeah, I’m totally lost again.  Too much going on and too many images to go through on my hard drives.  My office is a disaster and I probably need to buy a bunch of new stuff for my home studio.  But none of this is happening tonight because I’m just not going to do it.

One thing I know, or at least I think I know, but this is me so I could totally be wrong.  But one thing I think I know is what I want to start doing again.  I had a plan, that didn’t work out because I don’t want to spend that much money on a new camera, new software and a whole bunch of other new stuff.  So scratch that one off the list.

But, with my new plan of just doing what I want means that I don’t need that new camera, I have about 30 usable cameras in my current collection, just take a look at my Instagram and you’ll see.  But all I need now is a $100 lens that I found, some time to book some sessions, and gas money.  I can seriously make this all happen.  So what is this plan?

Well it has a lot to do with a certain style I like to shoot.  It is a mixture of boudoir, editorial and just kind of how I see things.  If anyone has ever seen my work they know I like to work with minimal wardrobe, if any.  Cool models, actors or women who just like to have a very chill photo session.  This is when I am happy to have a lot of women as friends who like these types of sessions too!

Amanda by The Average Jim

I’ve already contacted some models about this new plan and so far they are all on board!  I love it when a plan comes together!  Okay, cheesy 80’s TV show reference, but in this case it totally fits!

This is just how my brain works I guess.  I need to vividly think about all of my ideas before I can make them happen.  I have this need to visualize everything before I shoot before I start a new project or before I book a session.  But then something funny happens, I may not shoot exactly what it is that I have been visualizing.  This is exciting and frustrating all at the same time.

Lee by The Average Jim

Things don’t always go as planned, but this is how the magic happens sometimes.  This is that unplanned happenstance that changes everything for the better.  You can’t plan for it, the little green fairy with the magic dust appears and totally fucks with your plans but in the very best way possible!

I may be going to the well too many times but I can’t stop now.  I’ve had way too many good sessions that ended up better than planned.  So now, even though I have visualized and spent hours planning out my every move I am just going to jump in with both feet and see what happens.

Betcee May by The Average Jim

Holy shit, I really could have said all of this rambling bullshit in one or two paragraphs, but once again, this is how my brain works.  Totally random and doing a dance of nonsense in between my ears.  Welcome to my life.

Kaley by The Average Jim

Well, hopefully there are more images coming soon and less rambling nonsense… HA! Who am I kidding?  I take photos of women and ramble, it’s just what I do.  😉