Business as Unusual.

I have really been contemplating retirement lately.  Like seriously packing up shop and not being a photographer anymore.  I love photography but there have been certain things that have just irritated the hell out of me about the industry.  But then I started thinking about all the things I like about what I do and now I’m on yet another path.  Maybe.

Right now it is all about what feels right.  I have actually turned down a lot of work over the past couple of months.  Mostly because it was work that just didn’t match anything I like to do.  And this is partially what made me think of retirement because if I’m turning down work shouldn’t I be finding something else to do?

But I discovered something.  Instead of retiring, I get to run my business exactly the way I want to.  All of my crazy ideas for marketing and how to charge clients can now be put into place and I don’t have to bend anymore.  So instead of retiring from photography I am retiring from the bullshit game the industry tells us we have to play in order to book clients and make money.

I like the sound of this.  I also feel as though I have been leaning this way forever but honestly it is hard to turn down jobs that pay thousands of dollars when you just don’t have another income.  I’m sure many people would agree with me that turning down rent money is hard to do!

Kaley and Parris by The Average Jim

It looks like I have now added more to my plate, more packages to come up with, more jobs to try and book in a totally different way and new products to sell.  But my products are what I love to sell.  I love making books and custom prints.  I like tangible items, not just digital files.  I also love shooting what I get to shoot, whether it is boudoir, editorials or just crazy fun shit that may not make any sense at all!

As usual I am along for the ride to the crazy thoughts in my own head.  But it’s cool, I feel very comfortable here inside my own randomness and off the cuff ideas.  Part of this inspiration came from reorganizing my home office.  It is a mess!  But once I started the cleaning process I discovered some new places to shoot at my place that I have not shot at before.  Suddenly there was this inspiration of wanting to shoot more work that was a real mixture of many different styles and ideas I have had in the past.

Roarie by The Average Jim

I have a shoot booked in a couple of weeks that should be amazing!  I hope it all goes as planned because I seriously cannot wait to shoot these ideas!  My September plans have been turned into December plans.  But they are still in motion, and that is all that matters.

Natalia by The Average Jim

It is no longer business as usual here at The Average Jim’s Playground.  It is now just unusual business, probably the way it always should have been. 😉