I Am Wrong

I am wrong.  I have been doing everything wrong for so long that it felt right.  And sometimes the wrong things have been right, but I didn’t know it.  I had brilliant ideas that I didn’t stick with because it was too much of a chance, and now I know I was wrong for doing that.  I was wrong to give out so much information, now I know a few people who flat out stole my ideas and are building huge businesses off of these ideas.  I was wrong for doing this.

All of the blame is on me because I didn’t act when I should have, or I had second thoughts and maybe I just didn’t want to follow through with a certain idea because of other issues I saw with it.  Each of the ideas I gave away have a downside.  Some people will not think of this as a downside, but in the long run it would have actually taken away from who I also want to be, not just what type of company I wanted to be.

So once again, I was wrong.  I thought I knew what I wanted and it turns out that wasn’t it at all.  By knowing I was wrong it forces me to seriously look at myself and my decisions.  I know people who blame others for their own mistakes, but seriously you have to own up to your own faults and be accountable for your own actions.  Pointing the finger at someone else for your own decisions is a death sentence for any change of living the life you desire.

I know I have had many bad ideas over the years, but I have also had some amazing ideas!  This whole part of the adventure is one idea that I am so happy about!  Creating this playground has been something that never would have happened if it wasn’t for another wrong decision I had made.  I was wrong to go with Yahoo for my domain name.  They sold it out from under me, deleted records and now I have to sue them for a domain I created if I want it back.  But the company they sold it to wants less than what lawyer fees would be.  So I was wrong for using a company like Yahoo, I should have known better.  But this led to two realizations.

Mac by The Average Jim

The first, well I have branded and marketed the domain so well that nobody else would want it!  And it helped me come up with The Average Jim’s Playground.   Once again a situation where being wrong ended up so right!  I suddenly got a new perspective on my business.  It was no longer about being a photographer, it was about having fun with everything I do.  It was about working with cool people and not giving a shit what society thinks about what I do.

It has given me the freedom in my work that I have always desired.  Yesterday I talked about a book I am putting together called “Why Not?” and this is exactly where I am going with my work.  My new movies, my crazy little ideas, all of this is coming to life all because I was wrong to begin with.

The Playground

Who knows, I may be wrong again.  But at least I am having fun and life is not a test.  You can be wrong and still get an “A”.  I probably enjoy being wrong more than anyone I know.  I don’t have to be right, I don’t have to be anything other than who I am already.  I’m not here to please you, feed into what you want from me or anything like that.  I’m here to show you what I do, right or wrong, it is 100% The Average Jim and I plan on keeping it that way.