Why Not?

I saw this great interview with Kevin Smith (writer/director/producer) and it really helped me get back in the swing of things.  It was about how he was in film school and how he wanted to make a movie about how he and his friends hung out, talked trash and how they just were.  He had never seen a movie which really depicted how they lived so when people said “why would you want to make a movie?” He said, “Why not?”

This is exactly why I do what I do.  So many people over the years have not supported what I do.  Seriously, some think it is silly, some think I just want to be around attractive women and some think it is porn.  First, of course it is silly!  That is what makes it fun!  Second, I work with models, by rule they are usually physically attractive.  This doesn’t mean a thing outside of taking photos.  I have been doing this over 25 years and have never dated a model, especially since I’ve been with my wife over 19 of those years!  So get a life.  Third, if you think this is porn you have led a very sheltered life and really need to get laid.

So when people ask me why I do what I do I say “why not?”  Why shouldn’t I make a book and a t-shirt called “Naked Travels” or “True Love”?  We have icons in this country who are regarded as sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and more… Some of whom are dead and still regarded as a sex symbol and celebrated for this!

If we look at campy photos of Bettie Page where she is out posing nude in the woods or even in bondage we look at that as art and classic imagery, but if someone like me does it and calls it fun and playful suddenly I’m a smut merchant.  I love the hypocrisy of our society.  You can have a curvy, busty, sexy woman on a Carl’s Jr. commercial but heaven forbid you may actually know someone who would photograph something like that!  They must be a perv.

Casey by The Average Jim

If you’re uncomfortable with my photos that is on you.  I have many people who buy my art, women who pay me for “boudoir” sessions and many who have contributed in many ways to my projects.  Why?  Because they are silly, fun and all about enjoying life!  So Why not?

You know why we run around naked in our backyards?  Because it gives the neighbors something to either enjoy or be afraid of.  Either way it gets a reaction.  And so what if people do it for attention.  I’ve said this a thousand times, life is meant to be lived and like hell if I’m going to sit on the sidelines!

Cortney by The Average Jim

Nike has used the slogan “Just Do It” for so many years now, this is why I am putting together a book of my work titled “Why Not?”  It will be a very affordable coffee table book, this way you can buy it and put it on your shelf, and when people ask you why you bought this you can simply say, Why not?