The Average Reverend Beach Bum

I’ve already received a few emails regarding the sudden changes to this site.  Well, yeah, I’m going all inclusive.  I’m like that resort in the middle of a third world country where you pay one fee and everything is included!  You don’t even have to tip!

I have added “The Church of Positive Vibes” to this site.  Yes, this is actually a real thing!  Believe it or not I am an ordained minister and hold the title of Reverend Jim.  While I have been a photographer for over two decades, I have an extensive library on religion, philosophy and other similar topics.  No worries though, I’m not one to preach one thing and do another.  If you’re curious you’ll see that my work actually does reflect my belief system.

Another thing I am adding to this site is from my first blog.  The Practicing Beach Bum.  Some people practice medicine, some practice law, I practice life.  It really is that simple.  This is for my more philosophical ramblings, and maybe a little less spiritual than what my church would preach.

So how does all of this make sense and come together?  It just does.  This is how my brain works and it has been scattered around on too many different blogs for too long!  I needed to regroup and put everything here.  I have a master plan, and I can’t believe it is happening and I think it may actually work.  Sometimes I really do shock myself!

All the little details are coming together, I have some models scheduled for some great shoots coming up and The Archives will be getting some additions as well.  I will even be offering a “Lifetime” membership to them for a very reasonable price!

Claire by The Average Jim

There will also be a new art section coming very soon to this site.  This will be for limited edition prints and wait for it…. even some paintings coming soon!  Yeah, I’m turning into an actual artist!  What is happening to me?  I still don’t feel like a serious artist, but it seems to be happening right before my very eyes.  Baby what a big surprise… sorry, some of you will get that, some won’t.

Meanwhile I will continue to work on this site, get it caught up by the end of the year or sooner and have most of my new products available by the end of the week, or maybe next week.  Depending on if I hire a new assistant to help me!

Janna by The Average Jim

So here is to taking on more than you can handle for the sake of being an artist and trying to make a living out of it!  Holy fuck, shit just got real. 😉