Internet Arguments and Other Ways to Waste Your Time!

Okay, so who feels like arguing?  Not this guy!  I have no problem with confrontation, but lame arguments about stuff that really doesn’t matter is such a waste of time.  Seriously, why waste your time?

On Facebook today Kodak posted an article (written by someone else) about the resolution of film and how it is better than digital.  This was a study done by someone and when done in their way film was better.  But of course everyone had to start arguing in the comments section, which is really the point of these troll articles, it is about how many people you can get to comment and fight and maybe someone will then buy what you’re selling.

But here is my take on this argument, want to know which one I think is better?  The one you want to shoot.  That is the one that is better.  If you like the toning and the overall way film looks, then shoot film.  If you like the way your digital camera captures the images, then shoot with digital.  Bam!  Argument over!

Hope by The Average Jim

It is like the other very stupid argument in photography, RAW vs. Jpeg.  Both work, some people shoot with one and others shoot with the other.  Do what you like to do, do what works for you and do what creates the images you want.  It really is that simple.

If you spend all of your time looking at the histogram over what is actually happening in front of you, you may actually be missing an incredible shot!  If you “need” to shoot RAW for exposure reasons you really have no argument either, you have bigger things to worry about!  Seriously, learn how to expose first, argue later.

Victoria by The Average Jim

If you are for shooting RAW because you choose to because of what it can do for you, you still have no argument because you should be doing what is best for you, what other people do should not matter to you!  Same with film or digital.

For the record I shoot film, digital, RAW and Jpeg.  It really depends on what I feel like shooting at the time and what I want the image to look like in the end.  That is how I decide.  I decide how I want the image to look before I ever take the photo.  This isn’t how everyone does it, but this is how I generally do it.  It is just the way my brain thinks.  So this might not work for you, awesome, perfect your own method.  That is what this medium is really all about.

Olivia by The Average Jim

Figure out what works for you and just do it.  Don’t hassle me about how I shoot or what I shoot.  You do you, I’ll do me.  Just because you like the way you finish your images does not mean I will like what you do.  But it also doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Kaley and Parris by The Average Jim

I’m starting to treat photography talk the way I think of religion.  Treat your opinions on both of them like your penis.  I don’t want it waved in my face or shoved down my throat!  Get over yourself, we all do things differently!  Tastes great! Less filling! Where’s the beef?  Don’t squeeze the Charmin.  And most of all, take pictures, have fun and don’t believe everything you read. 😉