I Just Can’t Grow Up

I have been slowly trying to get rid of so many things, and it isn’t working.  I’ve tried to sell cameras and nobody shows up to pick them up even though I was selling them at very reasonable prices.  I tried selling other items from music gear to vintage magazines to a whole bunch of other stuff and it just isn’t selling!  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me to hold onto my stuff?

I have to admit that if I were to put all of my stuff into one room, it would be an amazing man cave!  So maybe I should build it?  I know the other day I was debating on opening another studio or just buying a creepy van, maybe I should get a large RV and turn it into a rolling man cave?  Now that would be awesome!

For some reason I feel that living in the desert has made me go off the deep end a little more than I already had been.  I am really enjoying the peaceful nature of it out here and the solitude is amazing!  I can finally hear all of the voices in my head!  But my ideas are ranging all over the place and I have found some great models who are willing to come out to our little desert oasis and play around with some of my wacky ideas!

Granted I don’t look like a desert person yet, my hair isn’t in dreads and I do shower as often as needed!  But I can see where a person can change due to their environment.  I have to admit I really do enjoy the freedom of living far from a major city and it really makes me want to explore the outer regions even more!

Jessica by The Average Jim

I am all set to pack up my car with lots of water, a tent and just enough to get by for a week or two and vanish off the grid for a bit.  But since it has been years since my last time alone in the wild I probably should not venture out of cell service just yet!  As I get older I do tend to have a much better understanding of my own limitations.  Most of the time anyway.  I still have not grown up yet, this adulting thing is something I never quite got the hang of.

Jana by The Average Jim

So I may never get fully off the grid and I may never be able to sell off my belongings.  My minimalist goals are more like a “don’t buy more shit you don’t need” type of goals.  So maybe it isn’t about getting rid of what I already have, it is about only getting what I really need in the future and enjoying what I already have.  So I guess I can binge on Playstation 2 and watch my old VHS movies while browsing through a Playboy collection of totally random years.  Oh, and I guess I can still shoot film as I have only sold one camera in the past month!

Roarie by The Average Jim

My new minimalist goal is to not have to work so hard.  Minimize my efforts and maximize my fun.  I like these new goals.  This also allows me to not have to grow up just yet.  Maybe I can put it off for a few more years. 😉