The Art of Life

I am seriously close to funding my projects!  Holy crapola!  I love it when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and things are actually starting to happen!  I will be shooting for some very cool new products very soon.  I will also be launching a few new areas of what The Average Jim’s Playground is all about including new shoots finally added to The Archives, new video, new products and of course all new images here!

This has been so much more work than I thought it would be.  It has involved rearranging my life, my work schedule and really needing to put in more hours every day into this.  It has seriously all been worth it!  I have been frustrated, lacked inspiration, found inspiration and then lost it over and over again.  The problem with doing what you love is that you need to find a way to make a living off of it.  Honestly this is the hardest part, especially when you hate money like I do.

I will be getting my goods into a store here in Palm Springs very soon, my t-shirts, stickers, books and art will all be up for sale in a retail space!  Yeah, it is kind of scary because so many people love to hate the type of work I do, but I am to a point in my life that I really can’t give a shit.  I’ve been yelled at, received hate mail, got to the point on this site that I have to screen comments from people.  I didn’t think I was that harsh, but I guess I am good at pushing the right buttons on over-sensitive idiots.  What can I say, I am multi-talented.

Here is something you should all realize, a little free advice from your internet uncle The Average Jim.  Live life, love life and do what you want to do as long as you’re not hurting anybody else in the process.  Say fuck it to the haters and make yourself happy every single day.  You only live once and none of us are getting out of this life alive!  Indulge in yourself.  This doesn’t mean spend all of your money, in fact you hardly have to spend anything if anything at all.  If you love the outdoors go outside as often as you can every single day.  If you love your kids spend time with them.  If you hate your kids hire a nanny.

Life is about enjoyment.  That is it.  We all live and die, there is no getting around this.  I love what I get to do, seriously, I don’t really consider what I do to be work.  Even when I am helping my friends remodel their house, I love carpentry and it is so much fun!  I get to play with power tools and then drink beer!

Victoria by The Average Jim

I get to work as a barista at my wife’s coffee shop.  I meet some really cool people, artists, musicians, and just some really random people who are very much like myself.  I get to talk to them all day, find out what they’re into, show them my work if they’re interested and just basically drink good coffee and hang out with strangers who give me tips!

Kaley by The Average Jim

I have found what I love and I hope everyone reading this finds what they love too.  I get to play with cameras, work with cool models, make some really good coffee, play with power tools, ride my skateboards, drink my beer and just get to live life however the fuck I want to live it!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you how you are supposed to live your own life.  There are no rules, don’t let the world convince you that there are.  The only rules are the ones you set upon yourself.  Be true to who you are, living anyway else is just selling yourself short on the life you deserve.

Roarie and Lola by The Average Jim

Remember one of my two life philosophies.  Money is easy to come by, time isn’t.  Spend your time wisely!  We only have so much time on this planet, don’t waste another minute!